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The NMA Competition Committee consists of eight members.  The Race Chair schedules and directs committee meetings, answers questions pertaining to the official NMA Rule Book, and reports to the NMA Board on the Competition Committee’s actions and series status.

The NMA Points Keeper tallies the results from events submitted by NMA Clubs, maintains the NMA License Holder roster, and processes NMA Competition Licenses and information.


Monti Sorem Contact

Monti was lucky enough to be born into a motorcycle family.  His father Gary “Dakota” Sorem is a founding member of Puget Sound Enduro Riders (PSER).  Getting his first motorcycle at 5 years of age, Monti was soon competing in the NMA enduros a few years later – well before the introduction of the 15 and under class.

Later in life, Monti was honored to serve on the medical team for Team USA at the ISDE (International Six Days Enduro) in Mexico, Finland, Germany and Italy. Monti is a current member and past President of PSER.  As a member of PSER, Monti has served as RMMSVE trail boss several times.  Currently, you can find him at the NMA enduros and select off-road series events or doing trail maintenance at PSER property in Shelton.

Monti looks forward to serving as chairman on the competition committee for the NMA to continue our reputation as a premiere off-road racing organization and producing some of the countries’ best off-road racers.

points keeper

Drew Dalgetty Contact


Drew was fortunate to have a great friend from his home in Idaho get him into riding at the ripe young age of 37 years.  Since then, riding dirt bikes has become a passion, especially since moving to Washington state in 2016.

 Drew and his son started entering NMA offroad and enduro events and continue to participate when life and time allows.  Drew also enjoys the abundant trail riding, skiing, mountain biking and hunting in Washington and Idaho with his wife Annie and their 3 kids.When not playing, Drew manages operations for an apple processing company in Cashmere.

Drew is looking forward to the challenge of maintaining points for the NMA and would love to answer questions, address concerns or just chat at the races.

committee member

Eric Wentworth  Contact

Eric started riding at 8 years old on the family farm in Ephrata, WA and entered active duty with the Air Force in 1994. After 22 years of military service, he retired from the Air Force.  He currently works for the Navy as an Assistant Fire Chief.

In 2003, Eric started racing by entering a local GP and has been hooked ever since.  Eric is a member of the Puget Sound Enduro Riders.  He enjoys most forms of dirt bike racing, but especially the mental and physical challenges of a long course enduro.  He and his girlfriend, Cheryl enjoy camping with their dogs and riding mountain singletrack during the summer when they’re not out climbing mountains, backpacking, or rock climbing.

See you at the races!

committee member

Josh Mundy Contact

Josh grew up riding on the wet side in Port Angeles though he relocated to eastern WA when he was in high school.  He now resides in Richland with his wife, Amanda, and their two young kids.

Josh was primarily a trail rider until checking out a few off-road races in 2014. In 2017 he decided to do the full NMA Off-Road series and he’s been loving both the competition and the comraderie ever since. In fact, the whole family now races in the NMA so race days can be quite hectic!

We are happy to have Josh join the Committee – his voice will cover input from the east side as well as a whole range of classes!

committee member

Robbie Segrest Contact

Robbie is a real PNW guy! He was born and raised in Belfair Washington, and graduated from North Mason High School.

Robbie’s first experience riding was at age 7 and he hasn’t stopped riding since. In 2004, the thrill of competition lured him to start racing motocross. In 2008 decided to give Off-Road racing a try – it has been his passion ever since.

When Robbie has free time and is off the bike, he still stays active and involved. He enjoys working on his wheeler, on his dirt bikes, and helping to build tracks and do track work for moto.

committee member

Gina Eaton   Contact

Gina was born and raised in Gig Harbor, WA and developed a love of all things off road motorcycles around the age of 10 with heavy influence from her father, who was also an avid supporter of the NMA throughout his life. She has been a member of the Tacoma Motorcycle Club for 20 years, and founded local charity group, Moto Gals 4 A Cure.

Gina has competed in several NMA off-road and enduro seasons over the years and is looking forward to getting back to more of this in the near future. She is especially passionate about encouraging and empowering women to join our moto community. When not on her dirtbike, she spends most of her time working as a financial planner or finding dog-friendly PNW adventures for her and her pup.

committee member

James Morin   Contact

ABOUT James:

James grew up in Eastern Oregon in a logging family before moving to Ellensburg where he and his wife went to college and raised their two girls.  The Taneum, Manastash and the Teanaway were the places he fell in love with riding, taught his girls to ride and made so many close riding friends.

In 2016 he moved to the Olympia for work, leaving behind his favorite riding areas and his moto-family.  Within a year he joined the Puget Sound Enduro Riders (PSER) thanks to one of the founders Dave Bowers, and found a whole new group of fantastic people and some amazing new riding areas.

James regularly competes in the NMA enduro series in the Super Senior A Class and generally loves bikes and the people that love bikes.  When he’s not riding dirt bikes he’s hiking the Pacific Crest Trail with his daughter (finished Oregon and WA), riding mountain bikes, hiking, skiing or camping in the mountains.  As a long time supporter of the NMA, from trail maintenance to competing, he is excited to be a part of the NMA and looks forward to learning and contributing as a member of the Competition Committee.

committee member

Elise Paquette   Contact

ABOUT Elise:

Elise is a local girl born and raised in Orting, WA. Elise was into 4-H and farm animals as a kid and didn’t get involved into motorsports until her early twenties. One weekend camping at Moses Lake Sand Dunes she saw a bunch of people (no girls) riding dirtbikes, and thought it looked like fun. A week later she bought her first bike and was hooked.

Riding for first couple of years was tough, since she didn’t know any other riders and eventually she met people while out riding. Her friends kept telling her about the famous Desert 100 and told her she should go. Elise went out to the Desert 100 in 2007 and entered her first race (on a 2004 CRF 230) and was addicted even more. A week later she had a KTM 200 and onto racing NMA Off-Road. Through the first year of racing, she met some friends that were in the Stumpjumpers Motorcycle Club, and  ended up joining the club. 

Now adays, you will find her raising her two kids with her husband, and popping into races here and there with the family and serving on the Stumpjumper’s board as Treasurer for 2024. Elise looks forward to serving the NMA Race Committee and preserving racing in the Northwest for the future generations.

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