Our Guiding Principles

The NMA is the forward-facing organization of off-road motorcyclists in Washington State. We exist to represent dirt bikers, fight for our right to ride, and we are constantly working to improve trail riding opportunities throughout the state. Doing this effectively requires a strong membership. It is imperative that we grow our membership, as this brings new ideas and energy to support our mission. We need the collective brain-power, muscle, and financial support of as many riders and enthusiasts as possible. To attract new members and ensure continued support of existing members, all dirt bikers must feel welcomed and know that their input is valued. In support of this, the NMA Board has approved a Code of Conduct and a DEI Statement. Operating in the manner laid out in these documents will help us maintain a respectful environment for all and aid our future successes. Please take some time to read both and consider how you will be part of the future of the NMA.

Code of Conduct

Per the NMA bylaws, the NMA Board has the authority to enforce the Code of Conduct. NMA Board Members, Members, and Volunteers (hereinafter referred to collectively as “Members”) are expected to act in good faith towards each other, as well as towards Land Managers, Contractors, and any participant in NMA activities. Members shall conduct themselves in a manner which reflects positively on the sport of off-highway motorcycling. Members shall interact with others in a positive manner, upholding the NMA’s goal of inclusivity.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Statement

One of the NMA’s primary goals has always been to make Washington the best place to ride and recreate for ALL people. As our riding community continues to grow, so shall the makeup of our membership and community. The NMA has a diverse membership, with people from all walks of life and backgrounds. As such, it is an important goal of the NMA to ensure that all members have equal access to participate in off-highway motorcycling events in a manner that is fair and equitable to all competitors and participants, while also preserving the integrity of the sport. The NMA stands against discrimination of any kind and asks its members to conduct themselves in a manner which reflects positively on the sport.

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