NMA Competition Race Scores

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Select a year from the buttons below to see score sheets with point standings for the Enduro, Off-Road, and Trial series.

PLEASE NOTE: Adobe Reader (or another PDF viewer) must be installed on your computer to view the results. If you need Adobe Reader, you can download it here for FREE!


**Buy your competition license early in the year so you’re in our database and there’s no question you had your license on the day of the first event you rode. Be sure to select the series you’ll be competing in so you make it onto the proper score sheets.

**Be sure to keep your NMA membership current throughout the season. You’re not eligible to compete in the series unless your membership and comp license are current. If you are unsure, please ask!

Update your Membership or purchase your Competition License here.

**When you register at the races, please use the same name as appears in our NMA records. If we don’t recognize you as a competition license holder, racing in the correct class, we can’t score you. 

**After the race, check the results and make sure the club scored you and spelled your name correctly. If you see a mistake, go immediately to the club score keepers. Some mistakes will not be corrected if you miss the 30-minute protest period from time of posting.

**If you are working an event for Worker points, be sure the club scorekeeper has noted this and included you in the scoring reports or notes.

**Read the “NMA Rules: Enduro, Off-Road, Trial Series & Arrowing Guidelines.”

 (advice for racing — Read the Arrowing Guidelines!)

**Please check NMA racing results regularly throughout the season and let us know if you see errors. We depend on your help, and we thank you for your patience. 


**Please submit race results in Excel format, especially for enduros. We can process your scores and get them posted to the web much faster than if we receive hand-written or .pdf results.

**Always use full rider names. A couple racers share first initials and last names.

**Please use extreme care in transcribing rider names. It is time consuming to add an NMA competition license holder to the score sheets and re-calculate all the scores after the fact if we didn’t recognize their mis-spelled name.

**Please include laps and finish position for off-road races or penalty points/times for enduros. This helps racers verify class and overall scores.

**Be sure to clearly identify Workers, DNF, DNS, DSQ, and Sportsman Credit.

**Please email results as soon as possible to pointskeeper@nmaoffroad.org.

**Post race you will receive an invoice from the Pointskeeper. The mailing address for payment will be included. Please contact pointskeeper@nmaoffroad.org right away if there is an issue or error. 

In the memo section, please indicate that the funds are rider fees for your event.

We are grateful to our host clubs for putting on these events. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if there is anything we can do to make this process simpler or better in any way for you.