About NMA

Who is the NMA?

We are motorcycle clubs and individuals who are passionate about off-road motorcycling. Our goals include preserving and expanding off-road motorcycling opportunities here in Washington for generations to come. We have been holding motorcycle events since the late 1930’s and have been working for positive change for off-road motorcyclists since 1973. This effort is not short on challenges, whether in the woods or at the State Capitol.

NMA’s charter clubs and members are involved in many activities. Our efforts are focused:

  • We inform, educate, and organize off-highway motorcyclists within Washington State, in order to preserve and expand off-highway motorcycling recreational opportunities.
  • We promote off-highway motorcycling as a legitimate and responsible form of recreation through our competition, preservation and recreation events and activities.
  • We help oversee a user funded system (NOVA and RTP) to construct and maintain off-highway motorcycling recreational opportunities.
  • We strive to keep public lands open for the responsible use by all recreationalists, with specific emphasis on off-road motorcycle recreation.
  • We represent the interests of off-highway motorcyclists to government, public and private land owners, other recreation user groups, and the general public.

Wildlife and motorcycles can in fact co-exist!



The NMA is proud to be a partner of the Tread Lightly organization.