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The NMA is pleased to offer three different competition series: Enduro, Off-Road and Trial series, all supported in 2024 by Nash Powersports Auburn. Anyone can enter an NMA event just for fun, but to be considered for series points and trophies, riders must purchase a Competition License and be an NMA member in good standing. Click here to join! Be sure you are registered by the day of the first event you want to be scored for season points.

Competition Licenses expire at the end of the race season. NMA Memberships are valid for 12 months from the date of purchase or renewal (if you renew early, the full 12 months gets tacked onto the end so you won’t lose any time!) Be sure to keep your membership current to remain eligible for season points.

Click here to jump to Race Scores/Series Standings. Before the start of the season, please check here to ensure your Membership is current and you are properly listed in the correct class. Any questions/issues about your competition registration should be emailed to

The NMA Competition Committee serves all three series.  Click here for information about the Committee members. All racers are required to have read the Rule Book and know the rules. For further clarification, please don’t hesitate to ask any of the Competition Committee members.

Get registered for RMATV Race Gas before the first event!  $10 deposited into your RMATV account for every NMA Racing event you do.  Go to the Racer Support page to learn more and sign up today.