Legal Access


The 2024 Washington State legislative session concluded in March.

 As a change of pace, this was a rather uneventful session. Once again, the NMA successfully protected offroad vehicle gas tax and permit money throughout the budget process.

 Unfortunately no pro-ORV legislation was passed this year. But the NMA was actively engaged in promoting our sport.

 We wrote legislation to improve landowner liability protection when they allow recreational access. This legislation received multiple sponsors but did not pass this year. If passed this would make it more appealing for landowners to allow ORV access on their land.

 The NMA is actively preparing for the 2025 legislative session that starts in January. In addition to the ongoing efforts to protect our ORV funding, we will be working on landowner liability protection again. Improved ORV funding accountability and public land access will also be issues that we will be working on.


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