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A collection of documentation related to Washington house and senate bills impacting off-road motorcycling in recent years can be found in the tabs here.


2022 Legislative Session In Process

The 2022 Washington State legislative session has been underway for a couple of weeks. So far it has been rather calm on the ORV front, but that can change quickly. The current budget proposals keep our ORV funding intact for now. The NMA will keep a close eye on legislative activities and will let you know how things progress.


Legislative Report – 1/12/2017 >

NMA Legislative/Land Use Coordinator Report June 2017
Submitted by Tod Petersen 13 June 2017
Legislative Summary
The 2017 Washington State legislature is more than halfway through a second special session to resolve budget legislation. The will likely go until close to July. Near the end of June there is a revenue forecast scheduled to be released and they will likely want to see if there is additional new revenue to play with.
Budget negotiations continue behind closed doors with no mention of the NOVA account so far.
The funds are intact in the previously publish versions of the budget legislation.
SB5200 was signed by the Governor last month. This will allow spouses to pool their volunteer hours for the purpose of earning a free Discover Pass.
HB1838 was also signed into law by the Governor. This will allow WATV to legally cross certain roads.
See legislation tracking spreadsheet for a complete run down on OHV related legislation.

Bill Tracking – 3/2017 >

Current Status

NMA Position on 2016 Candidates >

Election Year 2016
There are many seats up for election this year and of course the United States Presidential Election has taken the holeshot when it comes to the news headlines. But take a moment to consider our own “backyard”. There are many seats up for election and the candidates can have a major impact on where and how we ride offroad motorcycles here in Washington. With only days from the 2016 election, some of you may be undecided on who deserves your vote.
The Northwest Motorcycle Association has been working with our State Legislature for many years. We’ve come to understand who takes pro- and anti-ORV actions. With this in mind, the NMA is sharing our choices for Public Lands Commissioner and some of the Washington State Legislature seats and that are up for election this year. We hope to see these candidates taking up office as a result of this year’s election.

STATE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES District 4 Matt Shea District 7 Shelly Short District 10 Norman Smith, Dave Hayes District 13 Matt Manweller District 19 Brian Blake, Jim Walsh District 20 Ed Orcutt District 38 Mike Sells District 39 Dan Kristiansen, John Koster District 42 Vince Buys

STATE SENATE District 10 Barbara Bailey District 18 Ann Rivers District 29 Kirk Pearson PUBLIC LANDS COMMISSIONER Steve McLaughlin

Lift The Gas Tax Cap For NOVA Funding >

A Flyer Urging ORV Users to Cotact Legislators

Legislative Update >

Legislative Update for 2/6/2012

2012 Legislative Report>

Detailed Report on the 2012 Legislative Session

Legislative Update >

Legislative Update for 4/2011

Press Release on SB5800>

Permitting Off-Road Motorcycles for Street Use

WOHA Rally Day 2011>

NMA and WOVA Members Rally at the State Capitol

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