NMA Competition

The NMA first entered into competition with conventional time-keeping enduros in the early 1970s. Hare scrambles were added in the 1980s. GP, ISDE format enduros, sprint enduros and trials have all made their way into our racing series over the years. Classes have been added and removed as the demographics of the sport and its participants have changed. The greatly variable terrain and racing conditions of the Pacific Northwest combined with quality events hosted by NMA clubs have created many very successful competitors.

1973 – Bremerton Cruisers M/C Sparkplug Enduro was won by Jim Loso and Mt. Baker M/C Cowbell Enduro was won by Alan Badgley.

1974 – Black Hills National Enduro at Capitol Forest – Tommy Thomson, Herb Feulner and Kurt Lamberton

1974 – PST Happy Holidays Trial at Reiter. Rick Flescher won the Expert class, Bob Langlow won Amateur and Mike Elinger won Novice.

Mid-1970s – Enduros were the first form of competition that were picked up as a series and sanctioned by the NMA Trail Division. The NMA brought to the new series a common set of rules to be followed at all enduros, which did not exist previously.

The Bell’s Angels and Searfair City M/C joined forces to put on two ISDT qualifiers at Straddleline in the early/ mid-1970s. Prior to one qualifier, AMA rep Al Eames came out to inspect the course and was critical of the special tests having “too many trees!”

1978 – Mt. Baker M/C AMA National Enduro was won by Don Sanford of Texas. At the time, Don was working with American Honda to help develop their XR line of 4-stroke enduro bikes.

1981 enduro series champions:

C – Bill Harvey
125 B – Gary Hoff
125 A – Gene Brown
200 B – Mike Rosser
20 A – Mark Badgley
250 B – Gary Badgley
250 A – Ron Clizbe
Open B – Brian Larcom
Open A – Steve Church
Masters – Gordon Oyler

1986 – Puget Sound Trialers hosted the Wagner Cup World and National Championship Trial at Walker Valley. The World round was won by Jordi Tarres of Spain riding a Beta.

1987 John Nielsen on a Husqvarna 4-stroke competing in the Mt. Baker M/C National ISDE qualifier at Saxon

1988 – Robert White in an exciting moment of the Seafair City M/C White Knuckle Hare Scrambles at Seattle International Raceway.

1988 Enduro Series Champions:

C – David Moore
Sportsman – Gary Porlier
Super Super Senior – Howard Emmick
Super Senior – Ron Morgenthaler
200 B – Jeff Odom
250 B – Shane Kerns
Open B – Todd Springer
4-Stroke B – Ted Watson
Senior – Dave Bowers
200 A – Jay Burrell
250 A – John Moody
Open A – John Nielsen
4-Stroke A – Darren Williams
AA – Wayne Keezer

1989 – The 19th annual Stumpjumpers M/C Desert 100 was won by Jason Dahners, Lisa Gibson won the Women’s class.

1989 – Roadrunners M/C Coyote Enduro staged from Rainier High School in Thurston County.

1990 – Scott Lathrop getting the holeshot at the Puget Sound Enduro Riders Shelton Valley Hare Scrambles.

In the 1990s Mt. Baker M/C and Skagit M/C hosted events that were included in the off-road series for both the NMA and the PNWMA based in British Columbia. The cross-border competition was beneficial to both organizations.

1990 Off-road Series champions:

C – Jim Conner
Women – Angela Turner
Sportsman – Perry Tonsgard
Super Senior – Ron Morgenthaler
200 B – Steve Cobb
Open B – Steve Latimer
Senior – Lyle Duronso
200 A – Jeff Odom
Open A – Scot Lathrop

Early 1990s – Puget Sound Enduro Riders Shelton Valley ISDE impound at Mason County Fairgrounds

1991 – Stumpjumpers M/C Desert 100 at Vantage. It snowed several inches early in the race then melted and turned the course into a mudfest that claimed many DNFs. Angie Turner pictured after winning her class.

1992 – First year that the AA class was offered in the off-road series. Finishing order for the year was: Jeff Odom, Blaine Ostafin, Rob Riley, Scott Lathrop, Tim Mount, Scott McLaughlin, John Moody.

1993 – Mt. Baker M/C National ISDE 3-day Qualifier at North Fork Nooksack was won by Rodney Smith of Team Suzuki. Pictured is Scott McLaughlin in a special test section.

1975 to 1994 – Winner’s plate on the traveling trophy for the Mt. Baker M/C Cowbell Enduro. The Cowbell Enduro has been held annually since 1931.

1995 – Team Crutch M/C’s Nasty Wench GP, held at Seattle International Raceway, was an AMA National Hare Scrambles. 381 racers competed and nearly 2000 spectators were in attendance. Scott Summers won the overall, Sedro Wooley’s Scott McLaughlin was the top NMA racer, crossing the finish line in 4th place. Gary Furreness won the A Over class. Mike Larsen won the 4-Stroke Expert class. B Under was won by Trent Jesmer. John Noble took the Super Senior class win. Dave Sterling on a 1978 Yamaha TT500 topped the Vintage class. Laurie Jackson was the Women’s class winner.

1995 – NMA Awards Banquet with special guests Mike Koenig, Dave Nicholson and Aron Springer

1996 – Mt. Baker M/C Cowbell Enduro was an AMA National Enduro won by Randy Hawkins. It was touted as the “most difficult event of the series.” Hawkins was quoted in Cycle News “All year long, I wanted to see a tough enduro. When I heard that Lyle was putting on this event, I knew we would have a tough one. I don’t think I’ve ever ridden one of his events where afterwards I didn’t have great stories.” Kawasaki Team Green rider Ty Davis after earning 2nd overall quipped “I’ve never fallen down so much in my whole life! I needed training wheels. It was challenging today; probably the toughest enduro I’ve ever done.” The legend of North Fork is no joke. Neither is trail boss Lyle “The Legend” Duronso.

1997 – Puget Sound Enduro Riders Shelton Valley Enduro was an AMA National. Mike Lafferty of Team KTM was the overall winner on the 100+ mile course.

1997 – Team Tortoise M/C put on the Rockhopper Hare Scrambles at Reiter Trails. After battling with David Lykke, Jeff Odom and Brian Zlock, Scott McLaughlin came away with the AA class win.

1998 – Team Crutch included a kids race at the Nasty Wench GP for the first time.

2000 – Bremerton Cruisers M/C overall Sparkplug Enduro winner Brian Turner

2000 – Bremerton Cruisers M/C overall Sparkplug Enduro short course winner Dana Eng

2000 – Due to heavy logging activity at Walker Valley limiting trail access, Skagit M/C canceled the Webfoot Enduro and replaced it with a new format event called the Kilted Duck Scottish Trial. Riders completed an arrowed trail loop with a handful of “special tests” where they were timed and additional penalties were given for errors such as dabbing, crossing outside the test boundary or killing the engine. It was a successful and fun event that continues to be held annually.

2000 – Over the Bars Gang M/C held the Euro GP at Eddieville, including a Pee Wee GP for the kids which was won by Zachary Lipana. Among other winners, Peter Russell topped the AA class, Rick Thompson won the 4-Stroke Expert class, Brian Oas won 250 Amateur, Ben Hale grabbed honors in 200 Expert, Mike Bronn took the Vet Amateur class, Shelby Barstow won the Women’s class and Jerry Allen was the top Super Senior of the day.

2004 – Cranberry Lake Hare Scrambles kids race

2004 – Dean Dorsett, trail boss of the Cascade Family M/C Black Bear Enduro, accepts the Enduro of the Year award

2005 – Bremerton Cruisers M/C Sparkplug Enduro was a wet one. Jeff Davis shares snacks and a high-five with his mom, Brenda Garlock, after they finished the enduro.

2005 – Over the Bars Gang 25 Hours of Starvation Ridge (extra hour due to daylight savings time ending during the race) Expert team of Troy Swettenam, Jim Conner, Dean Dorsett and Tom West

2005 – Aaron Wilson at the 2005 Team Crutch M/C Nasty Wench at Pacific Raceways.

2008 – Scott Weber at the Cascade Family M/C Black Bear Enduro

2008 – Over the Bars Gang Eddieville GP

In 2010 Maria Forsberg became sponsored by the KTM factory, the first official factory-sponsored female off-road racer in the United States.

2010 – The legendary Buck Murphy at Tacoma M/C Dinosaur Daze

2010 – Tacoma M/C Dinosaur Daze helpers Laura Susan, Kelli O’Donell, Geri Gellenbeck and Patricia Ormsby selling t-shirts.

2010 – Ironman racer Jake Moran and his dad Mark at the Over the Bars Gang 24 of Starvation Ridge

2010 – Cowbell Enduro results. The event was co-host at Walker Valley by Mt. Baker M/C and Skagit M/C in freezing rain conditions.

2011 – Awards for the Cascade Family M/C Back Bear Enduro

2012 – Dakota Sorem and son Monti Sorem at Team Tortoise M/C Burnt Ridge Hare Scrambles

2013 – Total participation in NMA competition events was 2482: 2079 in hare scrambles, 413 in enduros.

2014 – First year for Sprint Enduros in the NMA

2014 – Enduro Series Short Course Overall winner was Max Nail who competed in the C class

2014 – Top enduro riders qualified for AA class in the 2015 season

2015 – Travis Redfield at the Stumpjumpers Golden Spike Hare Scrambles

2016 – ISDE, Offroad and enduro racer David Rhodes inducted into the Washington State Motorcycle Hall of Fame.

2016 – Dana Johnson delivering the riders meeting for the Mt. Baker M/C Toasted Hare Scrambles at Hannegan Speedway.

2017 – Desert racer Rich Binckley was inducted into the Washington State Motorcycle Hall of Fame.

2018 – Professional flat track racer Joe Kopp was inducted into the Washington State Motorcycle Hall of Fame.

2018 – Nathan Dorcas won the Senior Intermediate class for the Trials series

2019 – Eric Wentworth at the Stumpjumpers M/C Salvage Sprint Enduro in Packwood

2019 – Mt. Baker M/C AMA National Hare Scrambles at Hannegan Speedway in Bellingham was won by Washington racer Ricky Russell.

2019 – Total participation in NMA competition events was 3218: 2258 in hare scrambles, 822 in enduros and 138 in trials.

2019 – NMA Banquet and Competition Series supporters

2021 – 395 Competition licenses sold for the year

2021 Skagit M/C Webfoot Enduro start at Walker Valley

2021 – Charlotte Jones 1st place in Little Wheels B Division for the Trials series

2021 – Ryan Thompson Open B Champion in the Off-road series

2022 – Olivia Pugh racing at Hannegan Speedway

2022 – Mt. Baker M/C AMA National Hare Scrambles at Hannegan Speedway was won by Ricky Russell.

2022 – Offroad Series 2nd place Super Senior Timothy Todd, 1st Women’s Expert Sara Todd at the awards banquet

2023 – Puget Sound Enduro Riders pull no punches at the Ron Morgenthaler Memorial Shelton Valley Enduro

2023 – Motocross and offroad racer Lance Smail was inducted into the Washington State Motorcycle Hall of Fame.

2023 Jaden Dahners enroute to 2nd overall at the Mt. Baker M/C AMA National Hare Scrambles at Hannegan Speedway.

Rider of the Year

Chosen by fellow competitors for setting a standard of outstanding sportsmanship and professionalism.

2022 Jaden Dahners
2021 Monti Sorem
2020 No Racing / Votes
2019 Blake Best & Jeff Micone
2018 Kevin Bailey
2017 Eric Giese
2016 Pete Wisner
2015 Jason Antihjunti & Tim Todd
2014 Matt Clarke & Billy Baldwin
2013 Markus Alexander
2012 Joel Tonsgard
2011 Eric Giese
2010 Ricky Russell
2009 Gene Deutsh, Tim Mount, Tim Swartz
2008 Alvin Roehl Jr.
2007 Jon Seehorn

2006 Michael Bronn
2005 Tim Mount
2004 Paul Neff
2003 Paul Neff
2002 Mark Arnold
2001 Rob Lewis
2000 Aaron Wilson & Eric Bee
1999 Jason Dahners
1998 Brian Bennett
1997 Dean Dorsett & Gary Turner
1996 David Lykke
1995 Jason Dahners
1994 Jason Dahners
1993 Carol Williams
1992 Jeff Odom
1991 Blaine Ostafin
1990 Scott Lathrop