Work Parties

Volunteers keep NMA going, without them many of the trails we ride wouldn’t exist. Your time as a volunteer makes you a central part of our community, not to mention, It’s a blast! Volunteering on the trails, in the office, at an event, or on your chapter’s board is also a great way to make new friends.

When you build trail, you’re building the future of our sport. At an NMA work party you get to see (and ride) the impact that your work has in a tangible way. Just like riding, trail building is fun, and we always make sure to have a good time.

Work parties are as much a social event as they are about digging so bring along your friends and family. We’ll supply the tools and know-how, just come prepared to get your hands dirty!

Want to organize a work party for your group, or to work on a specific trail?

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