Bremerton Cruisers Motorcycle Club

The Bremerton Cruisers Motorcycle Club has been in Kitsap and Mason County for over 50 years. The club has been responsible for the majority of the trails that are located on Green/Gold mountain in Kitsap County and the trails located in Tahuya State Forest in Mason County. Back in the good old days the club started putting on enduros from Camp Sundown which was located between Tahuya state forest and Gold Mountain. Historically, in addition to enduros, the club also owned property in Sunnyslope in the 1960s and 70s where they put on motocross races.

These days the club focuses on one annual event, which is the Sparkplug Enduro. Our club takes great pride in maintaining the trails in the Tahuya State forest. We work closely with the DNR in order to keep the maximum amount of trails open year round for your enjoyment.

Our club always welcomes new members that support our cause, which is keeping our sport alive and our riding areas open.



  • Facebook Page: Bremerton Cruisers Motorcycle Club
  • Year Established: Mid 1950’s
  • Number of members: Ranges between 50 and 60 members
  • Motorcycle Only Club:  Family motorcycle-orientated club
  • Types of riders:  Riders range from 5 to 75+ years old and include boys, girls, men, and women.  A few members compete in the NMA copetition series and in the past, a few club members have competed against the world in the International Six Day Enduro (ISDE).
  • Club meeting location: That One Place diner in Port Orchard
  • Club meeting date:  First and third Tuesday of each month except during the summer (May thru August) which is the first Tuesday only.
  • Club meeting times:  7PM
  • Events:
    • Sparkplug Enduro (NMA points event)
  • Special Project:  Ongoing clean-up of the Tahuya Forest riding area

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